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Managing a large multilingual website, severe technical issues preventing indexability


279.70% Increase in Impressions, 195.53% Increase in Number of Clicks, 290.70% Increase in Organic Traffic, 436% Increase in Non-brand Organic Traffic

Basic Info

Client Overview:

Vartur is one of the most successful real estate companies competing in Turkey and Dubai, with more than 100,000 property listings for rent and sale.

Vartur, who sells corporate real estate, residential sales, and rentals, has been doing successful work in the real estate sector since 2014. In 2021, it expanded abroad by opening its Dubai branch office.

Agency Overview:

Totes Digital is a technical SEO agency providing data-driven growth marketing services for startups and e-commerce companies. As a company, our primary goal is to analyze the digital experience to the smallest detail, identify opportunities, and execute solutions to grow the revenue.


SEO Consulting

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The Challenges:

1. Crawlability: had suffered from weak crawlability because of bad site architecture and fixing broken and redirected links. After we took over the project, we were tasked with establishing an action plan for Vartur to prioritize building a pure website hierarchy and fixing internal link issues.

2. Internal Linking:

Managing the internal linking structure on large-scale websites and ensuring no orphan pages are critical checkpoints for many SEO consultants.

Vartur had published many content pages in the past, but we found that these pages did not perform well in the SERP, and some did not even rank at all. The reason was that the click depth of these contents was very high and did not have navigational and contextual links.

3. Content Strategy: had many blog contents, but the topics of the majority of these contents were completely independent of each other and were not under a single umbrella. These contents couldn’t achieve to create a topical authority and get high rankings in the SERP.

4. Listing Page Optimization: 

Real estate listing pages are crucial to getting more transactional organic traffic. These pages on Vartur had been suffering from the lack of on-page optimization.

5. Multilingual SEO Implementation:

However, has multiple languages, it didn’t have multilingual SEO practices, like hreflang tags and localized metadata, and this is why Vartur couldn’t get higher rankings in the UK or UAE.

The Solution:

1. Advancing Technical SEO

By fixing all technical issues preventing crawlability and applying crawl budget optimization, the indexable page rate went from 52% to 90%, making all critical pages accessible and indexable by Googlebot.

The second milestone in this project was site hierarchy and schema markup implementation. When we applied schema markup types specific to real estate and made the website hierarchy easier to understand, the increase in’s number of keywords gained momentum.

The other significant optimization task was to update redirected and broken links with their 200-status code indexable URLs. Also, Vartur had some issues with multiple slash URLs, which caused redirect chain errors. Technical crawls are very helpful to fix all kinds of link issues.

As we mentioned, vartur didn’t apply multilingual SEO practices even if it has multiple languages. We’ve collaborated with the software team to implement hreflang tags and localized metadata fields.

2. Leveraging On-page SEO to Boost Listing Pages

After deep-dive keyword research and detailed competitor analysis, we’ve updated all listing pages’ URLs, meta titles, descriptions, and heading fields. As we published these changes, the listing page type started to get more impressions.

As we applied navigational and contextual linking to strengthen this page type, had TOP 10 and top 20 rankings in Google SERP.

3. Content Category Pages:

Before investing in new content creation, we grouped current content pages by relevancy and created content pillar pages to create topical relevancy. We also updated the internal linking of the cross-content detail pages.

Thanks to this update, views per user and average engagement time were also increased.

The Results: 

After applying these optimization tasks, # of organic sessions increased by 290.7%, and nonbrand organic sessions increased by 436.6% from March to December. had increased its total impressions and clicks by 279.70% and 195.53%, respectively.

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