What is Search Intent?

Search intent is  the term used to describe the reason why a user searches for a query into a search engine. It’s the purpose of a user’s search. Keywords have various search intents attached to them, some of the users may just search to find the best price while the rest may be searching for a website name they know.

Let’s say a user searches for “iphone 15 pro” on Google. She’s just trying to navigate to a specific page instead of seeing different smartphone brands.

However, when we take “best phones 2023” as an example, we can say that this search is for getting much more information. So we can use this information to adjust our content to fit the right intent. So, it’s important to understand search intent to reach more right users and improve your customer lifetime value.

Why Search Intent  Matters?

Google wants to rank pages that best fit the search term, as well as the search intent behind the query. And you should take search intent into consideration while creating your content. Google makes always updates to optimize search results and provide better experience for users who are searching on the internet, they try to interpret the intent behind search and satisfy the user. Developing a conscious on search intent enables you to:

  • Create More Relevant Content
  • Rank for More Relevant Queries on Google SERP
  • Have a Better Content Strategy Which Supports Your Online Goals