What is Google Dance?

“Google Dance” is an old term refers to major and temporary changes / volatilities on Google SERPs. While Google crawling, indexing and ranking new websites, it tries to determine which position they should rank. It may also affect established websites with major algorithm updates or temporary technical issues.

How to Monitor Google Volatilities?

While continuing standard SEO work, did you suddenly notice a big change in visibility, clicks, CTR or average position in your Google Search Console account? And you couldn’t explain this change due to seasonality, a technical error or some other reason?

Then you should also check out the activity on Google SERP. There are many tools for this, the tool we use most in SEO projects is: SEMrush Sensor.

Of course, you can use many different tools to check SERP volatility, here are a few useful tools:

What Should You Do?

When you faced with a high volatility on your rankings, you shouldn’t take any additional steps but continue the planned workflow, constantly monitoring Google rankings and visibility in the search results.