Average Position

What is The Average Position?

Average position in Search Console refers to the average ranking for a particular set of keywords in Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). This is a measure of how well a webpage or query perform in terms of clicks and visibility. When a user searches for a query on Google, different pages from your site can rank in multiple organic positions and search features. Google takes the highest position and average this out across all searches of the query across the time period selected.

In your Search Console dashboard, you can figure out the average position for the domain as a whole or specific page, query, or queries by specific page.

Why is The Average Position Important?

Average position in Search Console is one of the most important metrics since it provides insights on how your landing page performs regarding search visibility and in which queries are you ranking on. Here you can find some helpful insights with average position:

  • Opportunities for Improvement in Landing Pages: You can identify areas where your webpage may struggle to rank well and make changes to improve its performance. To exemplify, if one of your landing page performs poor in terms of # clicks, you should dig into the queries which this landing page ranks for in Google SERP and their average position.
  • SEO Performance: Average position is also great metric to track SEO performance. By monitoring average position for specific keywords or pages, you can check how well your optimization efforts are paying off.

How Accurate is Average Position

Google’s  John Mueller answers a question regarding the accuracy of the average position metric in the latest installment of the Ask Googlebot video series on the Google Search Central YouTube channel. Here you can check this video: