What is Bridge Page?

A bridge page is designed to drive traffic from one website to another. Its purpose is to funnel traffic from one page to another one. These pages are usually optimized for high search engine visibility and are designed to act as intermediaries between an advertisement and the user’s intended destination. Bridge pages have been controversial because they often prioritize search engine optimization over user experience. They can lead to user frustration due to the lack of relevant content and can be seen as deceptive by leading users to unexpected destinations.

When you click on the ad, you’re led to the page on website A, explaining all the benefits of this new course. And when you click the “Buy” button, you’ll see the offer on website B. If you proceed and buy it, website A will get its affiliate commission.

Effective bridge pages should have clear, relevant content that aligns with both the user’s search intent and the ultimate destination page. They should add value to the user’s journey rather than just serving as an SEO tool.