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Simple CRO Tactics for E-commerce Businesses

Driving high volume of traffic is great but is it enough to get more sales? Nope. You also have to convert traffic into actual clients. According to the latest stats, average conversion rate for ecommerce website is nearly 2%. Interestingly, many e-commerce site owners fail to realize the importance of conversion rate when trying to grow traffic. Even small improvements in conversion rate while trying to increase e-commerce site traffic by 100% can make a huge difference in the amount of revenue.

Although conversion rate optimization sounds good, it is quite difficult to achieve because of it requires development in many different areas like user experience, website speed, look & feel, providing modern and better UI and so on.

In this guide, we’ll take you through ecommerce CRO and some great tactics to help you improve on your website.

1. Highlight The Sales Points

Highlighting the features of the product on the product detail pages is very useful for convincing users to convert. Product detail pages are the deepest page where users can convert easily and you should persuade users exactly in this page. Most of the successful e-commerce websites use this method on product details to convince the users with great, easy-to-read, short benefits like “Free Shipping”, “%X Off”, “Free Return”.

You should try this method to increase conversion rate.

2. Sticky Add To Cart Button

Especially on mobile devices, sticky add to cart button is a great user experience development with its easiness to shopping. You should consider adding a sticky cart button on mobile devices and test your conversion rate.

By the way, design, color and placement of this button are also other parameters that you should consider testing this feature. In order to get the highest performance, A/B testing would be the best way. Please keep in mind that, never trust any idea before testing it.

3. Social Proof

According to the statistics, 79% of users are looking for customer reviews before making purchase decision and reviews create a 18% impact on sales. In product detail pages, you may consider adding customer reviews.

In order to collect actual client reviews and insert this feature on your ecommerce website, you can try popular review platforms as below:

4. Product Video

Video production may take some time and money however if you have a complex product, most of the users need to see all details. As you provide more details on product detail pages, it may provide a spike on the sales.

5. Product Details

Starting an ecommerce is easy but most of the companies fail at the fundamentals of ecommerce business. Users find detail section important on ecommerce experience and unless they see all required information, you cannot succeed.

Most of the shoppers scroll down to find out more information about the product and if you provide specs section on your product detail page, it may be beneficial to convert them.

In this manner, providing all relevant features like size, material, color, technology, manufacturer, dimensions, weight etc. should be one of your main responsibilities.

6. Exit-Intent Popups

Congrats, you’ve landed user into product detail page but she is about to leave the detail page without adding any product to cart. But no worries! At this step, you should take your last chance via showing exit-intent popup.

Based on your profit margin, you may try to offer a discount like “Don’t Leave! 10% is Just For You.” and

7. Chatbot

One of the best ways to help your conversion rate is to build a strong relationship with your customer. In order to answer simple questions coming from users, you may consider adding a simple chatbot on your ecommerce store.

8. Shopping Cart Abandonment

Over 80% of shopping carts being abandoned and turning back these users may create an extra sales for your business. In this manner, there are useful methods to complete abandoned orders. The best ways to send shopping cart notification and sending emails to users. These two methods may be more profitable compared to retarget them via Google Ads or social media ads.