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How to Customize Product Recommendations in Shopify?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an e-commerce company with a 7-figure revenue or a startup that has just joined the online selling. There are some rules and best-practices that you should follow. Recommending the right products is one of the foundations of this business since it enables you to up-sell or cross-sell more products. Let’s see the details how you can optimize product recommendations and make more money with easy steps:

What Are The Benefits of Using Product Recommendations?

Related products are a popular ecommerce store feature and marketing tactic to get more sales. You may have an excellent product selection and products that match each other perfectly but website visitors may not see unless you show them properly. In product detail pages, you should create the best layout to convince users to buy the main product and complementary product additionally if available.

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform helps you to use important e-commerce features without any hesitation. Thanks to product recommendations, you can:

  • Increase your AOV (average order value)
  • Make more revenue
  • Keep shoppers engaged
  • Improve user experience

How to Choose The Right Recommended Products?

When we talk about product recommendations, of course, we are not talking about showing random products to users. These recommendations should be relevant, engaging, and motivating to purchase. In order to find the best recommendations, you may check one of these below strategies:

  • Google Analytics may tell you something about product behavior. You should check the best seller products in one order. If you see repetitive orders including 2 products many times (like coat & umbrella, iPad & iPad case), you should consider showing “iPad Case” under “Buy with it” on iPad product detail page.
  • If you have products which you aim to boost their sales, you may consider showing these products on more pages.
  • For low-performance complementary products, you may add them under best-performing products.

Definitely, there is plenty of strategies to use product recommendations, you should test different strategies and dig into the data to figure out the best one for your e-commerce website. Please keep in mind that every e-commerce site has its own dynamics, of course you can start with the best practices, but you must be ready for infinite optimization to find the path that will bring you the highest turnover.

How to Edit Product Recommendations in Shopify?

Shopify has a great app called “Search & Discovery”. Go to Shopify App Store and search for “Search & Discovery”, then click on this app as below:

Shopify App Store

You’ll see “Shopify Search & Discovery” app detail page. Click on “Add app” button to install this app on your Shopify store.

As you installed the app, click on “Recommendations” and “Add recommendations” button. On this screen, you can add specific “related” and “complementary” products for each product easily.

Shopify Search & Discovery App > Recommendations

At the end of related and complementary product selection, you should add “Product Recommendations” into your product detail page. Click Online Store > Themes and click on “Customize”. Then, you should add “Product recommendations” tab into the product detail pages to make it visible.

Shopify Online Store > Customize > Product Detail Page