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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the primary source of customer retention and acquisition for small to medium-sized businesses and startups. However, each company is different and needs a customized email marketing strategy to succeed. Once you’ve had your first customers and collected their contact details, you’ve got a ready-to-go list of potential repeat customers for your first email campaign.

Email Marketing Strategy

Do you want to engage your contact list and know you should send out targeted emails but need help knowing where to start? Or have you run some occasional email marketing campaign only to give up because people just aren’t opening your emails?
Or you know exactly what to do but don’t have the time to run effective email campaigns. Email marketing isn’t a case of bashing out a few emails instructing contacts to “buy this” or “read that.” Instead, it is a well-thought-out strategy that takes time and know-how.

Your email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets, but it needs to be carefully managed and nurtured to achieve good results. We can help you increase your revenue and build engagement by unlocking the value of your contact list with our targeted email marketing campaigns.

You will get more traffic to your website and increase your revenue with a customized email marketing strategy. Included in that strategy are your carefully curated content and eye-catching email designs to engage your customers.

You need to write and design emails that speak to your contact list. You need to think of compelling subject lines to get great open rates and carefully plan and monitor email sequences and sales funnels that result in conversions.

Email marketing is about building a relationship with your contacts and establishing trust. By nurturing new contacts, you can turn their interest into action and convert them into paying customers. And by keeping existing customers engaged, you persuade them to choose your products or services again and again, increasing your customer lifetime value.

We optimize every stage of your email marketing. In addition, we continuously monitor your email marketing campaigns to ensure they have maximum impact.

Starting with Basics

Define Campaign Goals

Decide On Email KPIs

User Segmentation

Email Copy, Best Design
Best Practices

Compelling Email Copy

Excellent Email Design

Right Sending Time

Always Better Emails

Analyze Email Performance

Detect Best Performing Emails

Keep Moving With Key Learnings